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Installment loan: your non-binding offer and remain free at the same time

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This is how credit works today

This is how credit works today

Do you want to make dreams and wishes come true, replace the expensive old loan with a cheap online loan from the Internet with a debt rescheduling, and remain free at the same time - in addition to the repayment term? The classic installment loan from Best Bank is your ideal companion.

Realize wishes online as a customer

Realize wishes online as a customer

You need money with a cheap installment loan for many things in life and one or the other financial situation: whether new home furnishings, extra budget for your vacation or a second car. You can finance all of this safely and cheaply with a classic installment loan. As a bank, we offer you the desired loan amount up to $ 100,000, individual loan terms from 24 to 120 months and a fixed monthly rate at the annual percentage rate.

Such an installment payment gives you even more financial freedom at low interest and high security at the same time. And with a quick installment loan, you have your money in your account within a few days - at the best effective interest rate, the best conditions and a low rate. Take advantage of our decades of experience as a bank and provider of the best online loans.

Debt restructuring - replace an expensive loan with a new installment loan

Even more: A low effective annual interest rate on the installment loan with a flexible term is ideally suited to replace existing, expensive financing with higher interest rates and thus save money - this of course also applies to mortgage lending. Low interest rates, low rates and no fees bring significant cost advantages over the months and years. You can quickly find out how high these are from bank to bank by means of an installment loan comparison. And: With every unscheduled repayment, you as a borrower can save additional money on the installment loan. For debt rescheduling, Best as a new provider requires a transfer authorization from your bank and the exact information for your current installment loan.

Now immediately - enjoy installment credit online with instant approval

Direct banks today not only offer the best deals when it comes to investment or funds. Online loans, such as the Best Bank credit, are always cheaper than offers in the branch bank - good credit and Credit bureau required. This is partly due to the significantly lower interest rate, but also due to the comparatively low costs. There are no transaction or processing fees, and payment and account management are free of charge. This reduces the effective interest rate for every sum - whether car loan, personal or instant loan.

Modern loans - stay flexible when repaying

Modern loans - stay flexible when repaying

Modern, cheap online loans at top interest rates always offer you, the customer, the option to repay a flexible amount in addition to the monthly installment and thus save even more. Through free special repayments during the term or with an early repayment of the entire installment loan. This shortens the term, saves interest and money, and helps you to obtain significantly cheaper financing.

It's worth it - a loan installment comparison at the bank


Even if you use an online loan to finance yourself cheaper online: It is always worthwhile to make a precise loan comparison before taking out a new loan or when rescheduling with a cheap loan offer. Compare the interest rates and conditions of the different providers in the loan calculator as closely as possible.

With our online calculator, this only takes a few seconds. Set the desired amount and preferred term, and you will already be shown how high the expected rate, bound interest rate, effective annual interest rate and the total cost of the loan are. With this query you immediately have a first clue for your further installment loan comparison. Finding cheap installment loans thanks to simple and quick loan comparison - just one reason for your inquiry at Best.

Best Bank credit - the quickest line to your personal personal loan

As a borrower, you can get your suitable loan from the Best Bank quickly, securely and cheaply - with a preliminary immediate approval from the experienced provider. As a direct bank, we do not maintain an expensive branch network and pass on the cost advantages directly to you as a customer. Best Bank has over 60 years of experience in direct installment loans.

In addition to low interest rates, Best Bank offers you the best bankers-tested service with the most modern and safest online procedures - from application to transfer: Many satisfied customers rightly apply for their online loans from the trustworthy bank every day. This is also proven by the current Best Bank test.